final fantasy xv boys and their crazy hair, except Cor who’s a badass and don’t got no time fo’ dat

…in the end i really just wanted to paint their cute faces.  looking forward to FFXV:Boyband Roadtrip! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ


this looks like it’d be an intense boss battle


this looks like it’d be an intense boss battle


i parents said i need to work on my self esteem.

Took Minou at the vet this morning and he sprayed her with the anti-fleas thing…she smells like a mosquito coil now lol

Took Minou at the vet this morning and he sprayed her with the anti-fleas thing…she smells like a mosquito coil now lol

Wait. So the game entered full development when Tabata became the director…in 2012?? ( and they’re still at 50-60% duh )
Doesn’t this mean that Nomura didn’t direct the final game at all?

I’m really excited about the game but I think that we’ll never see the “original” Versus: they’ve removed full action combat, blood ( it’s not the soldiers only, the behemot didn’t bleed too ) and who knows what else did they change to make it fit as a numbered main entry…

Idk how to feel about this, I’ll just accept it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just hope they won’t take another 8 years to complete the game.

please release it in 2015 please please

So…My parents came home today from my gradma’s house and…they brought me a kitten??
Our farmer’s cat had kittens two months ago and he wanted to give them away and my parents chose this one for me…THIS IS SUCH A SURPRISE U HAVE NO IDEA.
I had to buy cat litter, kitten food, kitten milk, all kitten stuff this afternoon!
She’s a really sweet kitty but I have to bring her to the vet tomorrow as I’ve seen she has fleas ( and she probably hasn’t been vaccinated yet ).
I still don’t have a name for her?
I thought “Minou” as the kitty from the Aristocats but I don’t like it so much ( I keep calling her “Minchiolo” instead lol )


so moon crisis is over, and it was an amazing success! i’m so proud i was able to be a part of it; seeing so many different interpretations of sailor moon and knowing everyone else there grew up loving the series at the same time i did was an incredible experience. thank you very much to everyone who supported the show, both in person and online!!

here’s the full image post for my “tantibus” piece, which i started almost a year ago (!) and took 4 months to finish. LOTS of you have been asking for prints online, so i’ve finally set it up at both society6 and redbubble. i’ll have signed prints available at AWA later this month, and in my storenvy sometime in october

Stella is wearing a ring on the trailer right? I remember that Nomura said in an interview that Noctis wears a ring on…

I remembered that too! He wears the ring on the right hand! ( like the girl in the trailer. We still don’t know if she’s Stella or Luna )

And that ring is absent during the demo/TGS footage, and Nomura said he’ll recieve it during the game! :O

c’mon let them be arrangement’s ringsss

Ultimate Pokémon Questionnaire!

  • Poké Ball: First introduction to Pokémon
  • Great Ball: Favorite Pokémon game
  • Ultra Ball: Favorite Pokémon type
  • Master Ball: Favorite Legendary Pokémon
  • Safari Ball: A Pokémon you've never caught
  • Level Ball: Highest level Pokémon you've ever raised
  • Lure Ball: Favorite Pokémon you've fished for
  • Moon Ball: In the Pokémon games do you prefer morning or night
  • Friend Ball: Favorite rival/companion
  • Love Ball: Favorite Pokémon
  • Heavy Ball: Least favorite Pokémon
  • Fast Ball: Favorite way to get around in the Pokémon games
  • Sport Ball: Favorite side activity in the Pokémon games (contests, Pokéathlon, etc.)
  • Premier Ball: Favorite shiny Pokémon
  • Repeat Ball: A Pokémon you've raised more than once
  • Timer Ball: Pokémon that's taken you the longest to catch
  • Nest Ball: Favorite Region
  • Net Ball: Favorite Pokémon villains
  • Dive Ball: Favorite water route/area in Pokémon
  • Luxury Ball: If Pokémon were real, would you travel alone or with friends
  • Heal Ball: Favorite Pokémon merchandise
  • Quick Ball: Luckiest Pokémon memory
  • Dusk Ball: Unluckiest Pokémon memory
  • Cherish Ball: Best Pokémon memory
  • Park Ball: Worst Pokémon memory
  • Dream Ball: Dream Pokémon Team